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HomeFor over twenty years now, Hay Zeelen has been considered an authority in mastering. He runs his own independent studio and is located in Santanyi, Mallorca. Previously, Hay operated independently in a partnership with Heartland Studio. Before that he worked at Maarten de Boer (The Masters) and Studio Hilversum (formerly known as Studio Jules), both located in the Netherlands. Hay has an impressive track record of music labels and artists who worked with him. These include : Level 42, Tears For Fears, Robert Palmer, The Prodigy, Sepultura, Satyricon, Zuchero, Capella, Giovanca, Alain Clark, Racoon, Guus Meeuwis, Junkie XL, Spinvis, Dulfer, Venice, Joe Jackson and  Sony, BMG, EMI, Universal, CNR, P.I.A.S., V2 etc.

With his state-of-the art mastering set-up Hay’s studio is among the absolute top of European mastering. He works with PMC-MB2 XBD speakers, Bryston amplifiers, analog (e.g. Maselec Mea2) and digital equipment (Weiss BW 102, Apogee), complemented with high-end analog equipment (Cranesong) and new digital editing systems like  Wave-Lab 9.

In addition, Hay gives acoustic advice on studio design and offers audio consultancy with regard to mixing and production of a wide variety of music projects. Hay applies the extensive experience he gained through his consultancy activities and concept development for various studios and rehearsal facilities owned by engineers, producers and artists alike.

HayZeelenMastering is also official Balearics dealer for PMC, Bryston and Grimm Audio, for both the professional and the high-end domestic market.

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