Offers consultancy for studios in enhancing the signal path in the broadest sense of the word: cabling, microphones, analog and digital processing, adda and wordclock, monitoring, workstations etc. etc. Not just his many mastering customers but a lot of external studios, too, have benefited from Hays’ vast experience. The combination of expertise and acoustic consulting skills ensures a complete and thorough analysis of the specific challenges in a studio. To meet the growing demand for top quality installations in the home, Hay also offers his services for domestic audio set-ups.

kleinConsults in pre-production stages of music albums. Both accomplished and starting bands and artists can count on Hay for assistance and advice (composition, acquisition and budgeting).

Consults on album production (studio selection, mixing setup, mixing and “sound”).

Hay has recently expanded his dealership for the Spanish market with the following brands and products:  PMC Loudspeakers, Bryston Amplifiers and Grimm audio products like Wordclocks, cables etc.

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