From rehearsal facility and studio to concert stage, from meeting room to company cafeteria and restaurant, all locations where people gather (and produce sound) have specific acoustic demands. Whether you need good speech audibility, a quiet environment, optimal sound transference, balance, rehearsal- or recording possibilities, Hay Zeelen Mastering offers the right acoustic solution for all imaginable spaces.

Hay’s activities

With twenty five years of experience as a professional “listener”, Hay is active in the entire spectrum of acoustic optimization: from acoustic design for new studios and studio complexes, to detailed location measurements-based solutions for specific acoustic challenges. He also offers advice when the acoustics of an existing room need to be adjusted for specific reasons, or generally need improvement.

Hay’s clients and projects

Not only Hay’s mastering clients but many others too have benefited from his expertise for years (experience has taught that specifically while mastering a music mix, the acoustic shortcomings of a studio become audible). His work varies from being involved in large-scale projects to bringing smart solutions in a home studio environment through marginal changes with great effect. In the last few years, Hay has successfully completed various studio projects, including at Top Format, TripleMoon and Per Expressie, The Netherlands

For any questions about acoustics and our solutions feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone!


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